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The adventure sensation in rafting is, next to the practice in group, what makes it demanded in the face of other modalities of descent of brave waters. The rafting doesn't need any special physical condition although it is indispensable to know how to swim. We will descend for rapids in prepared pneumatic rafts for a certain number of people (between 4 and 8 for raft).

The rafting consists on descending mountain rivers in pneumatic rafts. This exciting sport doesn't need previous experience in the circuits for beginners, the only requirement is to know how to swim. The exits generally involve more than a raft; in those cases, there is a general boss that coordinates the efforts of all the teams.

The rafting is a team sport, where all the tripulants of the raft rows and they guide its way weight coordinated to travel the rapids and to stay to it floats.

The quantity of people that ascends to each raft varies according to its size; a standard number is of six or eight tripulants address of the movements it is in charge of the guide who should know to the detail each part of the river and to have knowledge of first aids.

According to the number of passengers, the guide can be located in the center of the raft and to guide it by means of two long oars, or he can make it in the part of ahead and of behind of the craft.

For those who begin in the rafting, the ideal thing is to begin in the center of the gomón, where there is less movement. Those that already have some experience prefer to row near the front part, while the most experienced feel behind.

Not all the vivencias is related with the action and the vertigo. In the rafting, the rivers are classified according to their difficulty from 1 to 6 grades. The risk is of first floor to high.

At first sight it seems an excessively chancy sport, but it is not certain. The fall to the water doesn't represent any problem, since the tripulantes goes appropriately equipped with helmet, vest lifeboat. Also, the company of an expert monitor that he/she knows how to interpret the river perfectly is reason of tranquility. Anyway the journeys are full with surprises, with multiple frights and dives.


The Cahabón River

Born in the municipality of Tactic in a place called The Patal, from the highway CA14 to the height of the kilometer 170 approximately can an impressive cascade it turns where the journey of the river begins. It crosses the municipality of Tactic, Cobán, Carchá, it goes by Lanquín and Cahabón to unite to the River Polochic in the municipality of Panzós and the flow finally ends in the Lake of Izabal. Their half annual flow is of 165.5 m3 / seg and he/she has a total journey of 267 kilometers (slope of confirming).

From the time of the Mayan the river has been of enormous importance for the region of Alta Verapaz, its rivera has been numerous populations' establishment and its waters have been taken advantage of for the agriculture and the provision of water for the residents. In their journey it goes by dozens of bridges made by the man, and in the municipality of Lanquín it passes below the Natural Bridge of Semuc Champey.

More than 50 rivers and hundred of small streams and births of water feed their flow, which is also taken advantage of by two hydroelectric: The Hydroelectric of Chichaíc in Cobán and the one of Syrian in the municipality of San Pedro Carchá.

Starting from the well-known place as The Encounters where the River Lanquín unites with the Cahabón it begins to descend forming impressive rapids that you/they are those that have been studied by our guides to offer the adventure of the Rafting in the River Cahabón in a journey of approximately 10 kilometers.




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