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Community Saquija

 The old men that the community was founded approximately 110 years ago count they were 3 families in what today is denominated Village Saquijá, during this time the community was devoted to the agriculture of subsistence.

The community Saquijá is located in the municipality of Cahabón, department Discharge Verapaz in Guatemala. It is to 92 kilometers of the city of Cobán, High Verapaz, the head of the department and to 300 kilometers of the City of Guatemala. To locate us he/she takes the highway once RN-5 that goes from Cobán to Lanquín, in Lanquín you go to the well-known Highway as The Ecological one that drives to Cahabón, we are the first community, sure we will be waiting for you with a smile and willing to give you an unforgettable experience.

Community visionary they had the dream of some day to be able to share with the world their natural beauty, the River Cahabón, today what was a dream becomes a reality, since the visitor can share with a community Mayan q'ueqchi' the natural beauties of the Green Verapaz.

The Community Saquijá is integrated by 947 people, among men, women, old men and children of the Mayan ethnos Q'eqchi' that subsist of the cultivation of: corn, bean, chili, banana, yucca, orange and ayote. As well as the cardamomo commercialization, coffee, achióte and the sacred fruit of the Mayan: the cocoa.

When making Rafting in the River Cahabón, with the community Saquijá, you are collaborating to the human and economic development of their members who you/they have decided to become guardians of their river and with it you also collaborate with the protection of the natural resources of Guatemala.





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