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Welcome to our website, the Maya Queq'chi Community of Saquijá Cahabón, Alta Verapaz are waiting for you to give you an adventure unparalleled in the Cahabón River. Alive Culture and Pure Adrenalin is what you are going to live in this mystic river.

The adventure starts from the city of Coban, head of the department of Alta Verapaz, then go to the town of Lanquín on a route where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and green of Verapaz.

Rafting in the Cahabón River

When you reach the village of Lanquín you must continue on the road towards the town of Cahabón, a few kilometres after leaving Lanquín find the entrance to the route known as "The Green", you are already close.

Upon arrival at the community Saquijá will be here to give you two choices, come with friends and enjoy this unforgettable adventure. Ponte suit, take up your paddle them, stick to the hull and súbete the raft ... The following hours will be pure adrenaline and contemplation of nature, teamwork and coexistence with the people queqchi.

The kids give you the welcome

Contact us and asked for more information, you warmly available and we will help you plan your adventure in the Cahabon river rapids.


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